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Zoho Core Functions and Benefits


    If you’ve ever wanted to bridge the gap between your sales, marketing, and support teams, Zoho CRM Plus offers the industry's first multi-channel customer engagement platform through a shared customer database that allows you to connect with anyone in your organization in real time, share files and make calls, right from your desk. ZOHO CRM plus offers Zoho campaigns which allows integration with Zoho CRM enabling you to target your leads and prospects. As for reaching and understanding your customer, ZOHO CRM allows to create popular surveys for every need to event and education templates. Plus tracking website visitor activity with status reports that brings and categorize in new leads to your CRM. If you need to target your leads and prospects, engaging email campaigns can be used as Zoho campaigns allow integration with Zoho CRM. ZOHO CRM helps companies to identify the achievers through the forecast summary and customize forecasts based on any criteria you desire in addition to visualizing targets and achievements by territory through reports and dashboards.
  • ZOHO People

    Connect and collaborate with your colleagues on the go using the fully featured mobile employee directory which enable employees to check in and out of work using their iOS and Android mobile devices. With ZOHO People you can control leave and absence processes in a simple way plus analysis their pattern to maintain efficiency and reduce lost time. From a single dashboard, you’ll be able to search employees, set favorites, view organization trees and analyze attrition reports. Performance appraisal won’t be more easier as you’ll run performance appraisal cycles to complete review in a systematic way in addition to ZOHO People’s time tracker which helps you keep track of your employees’ work and regularly monitor your team's efficiency.
  • ZOHO Desk

    ZOHO Desk is the industry's first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer by covering all your bases from increasing your agents' productivity, to crunching through performance metrics, to working in sync with other apps thus you can make improvements, and inspire better performance. Convenience is a key feature In ZOHO Desk as you’ll be available for your customers who want to reach out over a variety of channels email, phone, live chat, social media and more. Monitoring your business will be achieved through fabulous features like tracking all your key metrics for quick and agile decision making. You’ll understand the root causes of bottlenecks and other issues and improve steadily with every ticket. so, time and effort will be saved by creating rules to automate repetitive actions thus Investing in better customer engagement instead. Extending your business will be by using native integrations, custom functions, and APIs, You will extend your already powerful customer service software plus adding self-serve feature to help customers find answers quickly, on their own.
  • ZOHO Social

    Now you’ll master managing multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, monitor keywords, and collaborate with your team — all from a single dashboard with ZOHO Social. By instant notifications you’ll respond and engage your audience for all social media platforms by using one platform, Plus getting a unified view of all messages within your Brand Inbox. -With Zoho Social you will decide on the best time to publish your posts and content when your audience is more likely to see it and benefit from ZOHO Social ready-made reports or create your own or dig deeper to understand your brand's performance with detailed analytics.