Employ extensibility at every level

While off-the-shelf medical claims processing solutions promote the ability to customize pre-built modules, these customizations are slow to develop and require specialized knowledge of the proprietary software. Ultimately, medical insurance companies and third party administrator are left with systems that cannot keep pace with business and the market needs.

Ibn Sina is a platform that is uniquely designed to support rapid and iterative development which enables healthcare player to create their own custom medical insurance policy, unique to their business model, that considers the end-to-end process, which meet the needs of today, and can be easily adjusted to meet the continuously changing needs of the business in the future.


Accelerate Time-to-Value with IBN SINA

Our platform is uniquely designed to support rapid, iterative development by a broad range of users while ensuring that IT retains control. Bring business and IT together to rapidly deliver applications that:

Increase premium volumes

Improve customer & broker loyalty

Drive operational efficiency

Identify and eliminate billing errors.

Enhance profitability

IBN SINA Core Functions and Modules

  • Policy Building

    Our oracle based platform is engineered to support all types of carriers , insurance and reinsurance treaties in policies configuration. With flexible structure for brokers’ commissions, reimbursement modules and exclusion lists that can be built on policy, plan, contracts and beneficiary level which meets market’s demands. Ibn Sina has a wide range of price components fees combined with variable funds cap’s for specific cover and uncovered services in insurance policy giving Ibn Sina’s Dynamic table of benefit tailored to meet the challenging needs like in the Egyptian market.
  • Provider Building

    Ibn Sina provider’s module meet the complex needs of healthcare payer and provider organizations through comprehensive database for medical service providers contains their contact info, branches and medical procedures price list with smart linkage between ICD 10 and drugs which mapped to the international standard like HCPCSII, CDT or ATC.
  • Medical Audit

    Navigate risk and confidently manage controls and compliance with integrated, automated processes through Ibn Sina Intelligence Management engines which are rich in medical rules, drug to multi-drug interactions,ICD-drug validation and an artificial intelligence system with a self-learning engine plus detailed Medical history database for each beneficiary which contains procedure, medication and chronic diseases.
  • Claims

    Give your team a simple way to process claims in all lines of medical insurance business for entire claim settlement process with the ability to import claims from excels sheets. Ibn Sina provides smart predefined validation scripts enabling automatic claim auditing for network and non-network provider claims along with financial auditing engine that combine the provider’s price list with validations defined in the system.
  • Accounting

    Meeting core business challenges with our accounting module optimized for high volume process for the accounting cycle. With Ibn Sina, complete payment cycle is supported covering accrual, review, check printing and delivery with standardized protocol to integrate and communicate with different accounting and financial systems.
  • Analytical Reports

    With more than 250 different reports which can be generated from Ibn Sina you can effectively analyze business so keeping your decisions at its top highlighting the loss areas and the new revenue streams. Moreover, IBNR can be calculated in a better way with no need for healthcare actuaries Ibn Sina generates analytical reports covering clients/portfolio balances and the over dues balance.In addition to statistical claims reports covering loss ratio based on earned/unearned premium, demographic parameter like gender, age groups and ratios of approvals